Care Transformation Initiative (CTI) and Care Transformation Profiler (CTP)

Care Transformation Initiatives (CTIs) are initiatives undertaken by a hospital, group of hospitals, or a collaborative partnering with a hospital to reduce the total cost of care of a defined population. Under the CTI program, hospitals choose the eligible Medicare population targeted by the CTI intervention; define how to restrict the population to those most likely to be impacted or enrolled in the intervention; and choose the intervention duration. CRISP operates the Care Transformation Profiler (CTP), to enable hospitals to view all CTIs statewide, and to monitor their own CTI progress.

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Source and Additional Information: HSCRC

Care Transformation Steering Committee Meeting Schedule and Documents​

The Care Transformation Steering Committee schedule is provided in the table below. All meetings are virtual and require registration. Questions related to the schedule and location of meetings should be directed to:

Meeting DatesAgenda ItemsMeeting RecordingMeeting Documents
July 28, 2023Register Here
June 23, 2023Register Here
May 26, 2023Register Here
April 28, 2023Register Here
Mar 2023Upcoming CTI Releases, CTI Evaluation and Agenda for Next Meeting, Reporting EnhancementsSlides
Aug 2022Review of Target Prices for PY1, Modification to Target Pricing Methodology for PY2, Next StepsRecordingSlides
May 2022CRP Waiver, Supplemental Adjustment Buyout, CTI Risk AdjustmentRecordingSlides
Apr 2022CRP Next Steps, CTI/MPA Supplemental Adjustment Overlaps, Review of CTI Risk AdjustmentRecordingSlides
Mar 2022Future of CRP, Review of CTI Program, Application Process for CTIRecordingSlides
Dec 2021CTI Savings Estimate and MPA Offset, Process for new CTI Submissions, Care Redesign ProgramNo Recording AvailableSlides
Jul 2021Initial CTIs are Active, Requested Modifications, Call for New "Thematic Areas"No Recording AvailableSlides
May 2021Review of Timelines, Review of CTI Savings Methodology, Next StepsNo Recording AvailableSlides
Apr 2021Administrative Updates for CTI Starting July 1, 2021, Revisions to the Palliative Care CTI, Next StepsNo Recording AvailableSlides

Please post questions and feedback on the CTI/CTP User Forum

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The CTI Application Process will open on April 4, 2023, and close on May 31. Hospital can keep, drop, or modify CTI for the upcoming performance year.

The CTI Application Process will close on May 31. Hospital can keep, drop, or modify CTI for the upcoming performance year.

Year 3 of the CTI will begin on July 1, 2023


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